The Restless Dead

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13th Nov 2021, 12:41 AM
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The Letter M 13th Nov 2021, 12:53 AM
The Letter M
Dear reader. I honestly didn't intend to insert fan service here. My thought process went like this. "Right, you just need to put in a quick conversation before we get back to the group. There's like two things that need to be said." then as I sat down to draw it I thought it couldn't just be them sitting in the dark, somebody should be doing something...and then there's the eel bite I decided to add for some reason...and now we have this scene.
Jason Moon 13th Nov 2021, 4:35 AM
Jason Moon
sexy page
The Letter M 13th Nov 2021, 7:08 AM
The Letter M
Thanks Jason.
vorpal 13th Nov 2021, 2:55 PM
Very nice.
The Letter M 13th Nov 2021, 3:28 PM
The Letter M
Thank you, buddy.
killersteak 13th Nov 2021, 10:34 PM
"then there's the eel bite " i mean i could've guessed, but there goes that cliffhanger.
The Letter M 14th Nov 2021, 8:26 AM
The Letter M
Sorry. I realise that with the pace of updates it becomes a mystery again. Hahaha
vorpal 16th Nov 2021, 2:54 PM
"eel bite" just immediately made me think of the shrieking eels in Princess Bride.
The Letter M 16th Nov 2021, 5:37 PM
The Letter M
Fabulous film. 9/10
BlueDragon 22nd Jan 2022, 8:56 AM
I don't think there's a need to apologize for "fan service." If anything, changing and dressing and such is a part of life, and when you're contending with zombies and nazis and sinking ships, there's a hell of lot larger fish to fry than worrying about who sees ya nude. I think it's natural for people to chill out more in a dystopic future.

But that might just be my take on it. I think (unless there's a reason for it, reasons I don't need to get into in a comment on comic), being uptight about nudity is just...I dunno, maybe a bit immaturish? Of course there are exceptions, but this is just one asshole's opinion and I'm sure many disagree with me XD