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23rd Mar 2019, 5:27 PM
Follow Through
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BlueDragon 26th May 2019, 4:42 PM
I have no idea what the population of Australia is (uh...a lot,) but if they had the time and resources, they could hunt down the zombies and kill them all!

Uh...yeah, time and resources being the key. I wouldn't be able to do it XD (I'd probably just be dead XD)
vorpal 2nd Sep 2019, 8:38 PM
25 million in Australia. At this point I don't think it's clear how widespread the infection is. It's in the Gold Coast and Brisbane at least, so that's about 3 mil. Definitely take some time.
BlueDragon 3rd Sep 2019, 11:40 AM
Oh awesome! That's good to know. Thank you so much :D