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13th Nov 2016, 9:18 PM
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The Letter M 13th Nov 2016, 9:27 PM
The Letter M
Kind of a late update again. I only seem to find time to finish a page on Saturday afternoons right now. might have to put the comic on hold for the last couple of weeks of school to get everything done.
Grey Garou 14th Nov 2016, 6:32 PM
Grey Garou
Nice trick, being able to use two swords and drive a motorcycle. They need to just concentrate on running, this guy seems to know what he's doing with those blades.
The Letter M 14th Nov 2016, 7:12 PM
The Letter M
Yea, I've only managed to cycle for a few metres hands free, then I went straight into the floor. Some people can do all sorts of things while riding bikes. I think its nuts.