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Taking Care Of Busines

15th Aug 2015, 12:00 AM
Taking Care Of Busines
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Centcomm 15th Aug 2015, 1:53 AM
oh this is gonna end badly.
The Letter M 15th Aug 2015, 10:04 AM
The Letter M
Somebody isn't going to walk away happy
Grey Garou 15th Aug 2015, 6:51 AM
Grey Garou
With all the sheer hell so many of the survivors have gone through, it's not hard to understand why some people's behavior may be a bit unpredictable.
The Letter M 15th Aug 2015, 10:05 AM
The Letter M
And some people just need an excuse
Rick_C 20th Aug 2015, 3:23 AM
I foresee some pain in their future.
The Letter M 20th Aug 2015, 7:28 AM
The Letter M
Your premonitions mght be accurate.