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Creepy Gas Mask Guys

13th May 2015, 12:00 AM
Creepy Gas Mask Guys
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catfire13 13th May 2015, 2:38 AM
Annnnnnnnddddddddd they die :3
The Letter M 13th May 2015, 7:12 AM
The Letter M
catfire13 13th May 2015, 8:38 AM
Grey Garou 13th May 2015, 3:52 AM
Grey Garou
Methinks when they wake up (if they do), they will find themselves locked up in some government lab with a bunch of whitecoats asking them endless questions.
The Letter M 13th May 2015, 7:12 AM
The Letter M
that would have been a cool direction. It's not quite what I chose but it would have been cool.
BlueDragon 17th Mar 2017, 4:58 AM
That's a bitch! Get all the way to the limits and get punked by a bunch of men in black!
The Letter M 17th Mar 2017, 8:17 AM
The Letter M
Yep. Thats true. It'd be a let down if it ended thete