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Explosions Everywhere

30th Apr 2014, 12:00 AM
Explosions Everywhere
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Author Notes:

The Letter M 16th Apr 2014, 12:40 AM
The Letter M
I've actually come back and put this page in a couple of months later. I have this graphics pad that never gets used and I thought that I hadn't made a big enough deal of the fireworks two pages ago.

Indulge me, dear reader. After a year and a half of 2 updates a week I wanted to go off the rails with a page.


TheMario360 30th Apr 2014, 1:04 AM
Your putting A LOT of emphasis on the explosion. There's doing something in a spectacular manner, then there's overdoing it. (right now, this has been a mix of both)
The Letter M 30th Apr 2014, 1:13 AM
The Letter M
Yea, well I'm not likely to get to draw it again. Couldn't help myself.

In reality it's only three pages, but that's a week and a half of real time I suppose.
TheMario360 30th Apr 2014, 1:16 AM
Yeah. The only thing more destructive (not to mention flashy) would be a Nuke. (Then again, everybody would die from that)
The Letter M 30th Apr 2014, 1:21 AM
The Letter M
I don't know if it's over the top destructive. A full propane canister and a box of fireworks would probably put holes in the buildings if they detonated in an alleyway.
TheMario360 30th Apr 2014, 1:24 AM
...Making all the buildings look like Swiss cheese!
The Letter M 30th Apr 2014, 1:27 AM
The Letter M
Nah, the fireworks wouldn't knock through bricks but a propane canister in an alley would punch a hole in a brick wall for sure. I'd bet a steak dinner on it.

Not that I can be bothered to draw that.
BlueDragon 10th Mar 2017, 5:51 PM
Man, the way you did the effects and the shirt blowing was very well done :)

It's taking me forever to catch up :*( Sorry I'm so slow! I still read! I'm just catching up on so many comics!!
The Letter M 10th Mar 2017, 6:15 PM
The Letter M
Thanks Dragon. For this page I used a wacom art tablet and loved it...but I don't have it with me wherever I go like my sketchbook so for the past year it's just been a thing I dump flash drives and cups of tea on. :(