The Restless Dead Characters.


Sandy is an 18 year old student of I.T. He dislikes large groups of people and has a tendency to be sarcastic.

He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and exceptionally intelligent and analytical, though lacking in imagination.

When the outbreak happened Sandy had been dragged along on a camping trip organised by Marcus.

Sandy’s main skill is in fencing. He has fast reflexes and his proffered weapon is his sabre.


Marcus is a 19 year old student of Film Technology. He is resourcful and has an innate desire to keep people happy.

A desire which caused him to drop everything for an impromptu camping trip when Charles and his long term partner split up. Sparing the group from the events of the outbreak.

Marcus’ main interest is circus skill. He is skilled in fire twirling and gymnastics.

He has a terrible memory and is useless at mental maths, but is excellent at reasoning, deduction and creative problem solving.


Charles is a 20 year old apprentice chef. He is extremely kind and moral but tends to act or speak without thinking ahead.

He has a good understanding of strategy and an imposing physical presence, though he often feels uncomfortable using that to his advantage.

After a breakup with a long time girlfriend Marcus and Sandy have taken him away for a long weekend of camping, leaving them safe but ignorant of the zombie outbreak happening at home.

Charles’ main skills are in boxing and getting a read on new people.


Jasmine is a 23 year old student of dental surgery. She likes to party and is very flirtatious with skinny boys.

She is excellent at spotting deceptions and understanding people’s motives.

She likes to think that she is looking after her friend Melanie and coaxing her out of her shell.

In actuality Mel helps guide her energy and keeps her from getting into too much trouble.

The pair were spared the events of the outbreak for three days while they were away playing baseball out west and road tripping back.

Her main skill is that she is very athletic, able to run for miles without tiring. Her proffered weapon is her aluminium baseball bat.


Alice is a 16 year old high school drop out who works part time at a martial arts supply store.

She is very guarded and distrustful of people, proffering to keep everyone at a certain emotional distance.

When the outbreak happened she was preparing to go away to Cairns with her mother to celebrate her 17th birthday.

The day before the trip she witnessed the outbreak from her apartment in the middle of Brisbane.

Alice’s is very fast and calm under pressure, she is also skilled in Chinese martial arts.


Roseanne is a 23 year old petty officer in the Australian navy who emigrated from Canada.  

Being a gun enthusiast and a competitive swimmer she saw joining the navy as the perfect opportunity.

Roseanne likes order and logic, she strives to arrive at a decision and know what has to

be done as quickly as possible rather than deliberating and second guessing.

Rosanne is dependable and can be counted upon to do whatever she says she will.

However, sometimes she is laid back and casual in the execution of her task,

often having the attitude that: “close enough is good enough.”  

She will stand up for what she thinks is right, regardless of her personal affiliations.

Rosanne’s main skills are in her understanding of firearm’s workings and operation and her survival training.


Simon is a 32 year old Author from California. He is a good natured, optimistic sort who does not like responsibility.

His philosophy is to take it easy and let things work themselves out.

Simon was convinced to step outside of his comfort zone by his publicist.

He has come to Australia to promote his new book series but been caught up in the zombie apocalypse.

Simon’s main skill is that he is a state level competitive pistol shooter.

That having been the only sport he felt he could compete at without disadvantage from his dwarfism.


Since the beginning of the outbreak people have been experiencing hallucinations accompanied by a seizure like state.

These strange figures appear to them and speak in secretive, cryptic language.

Are they related to the outbreak? figments of the imagination? messages from beyond? Who's to say...